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Yelp Trends offers a new way to track food, lifestyle trends in Chicago and other big cities

Are you always the last to find out about the newest foodie trend?

Yelp, the review website, now offers a fun way to figure out what foods are trending near you. 

For its 10th anniversary in 2014, Yelp introduced Yelp Trends — a searchable database showing trends in restaurants, nightlife, shopping, health and more, in major U.S. cities and around the world.

The trend data is based on reviews created since 2004, the organization says. 

For example, the database shows that “gluten free” is a phrase Yelp reviewers in Chicago have been increasingly using since 2009. 

But in Indianapolis, the gluten free trend took a while longer to catch on:

Users can search for any word or phrase (craft beer, cheese, kale, etc.) in the database, and compare when trends started in certain places as well as track the progress of a food that’s popular now. 

To try it, visit the Yelp Trends site

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