King in the Kitchen with Lucchese's made-from-scratch pasta and meatballs


By: Experience Michiana
WNIT Public Television

Kelsy Zumbrun/WNIT Public Television

As Lucchese’s Italian Restaurant gears up for Elkhart Dining Days, Marshall King visits with John Lucchese, who’s making a batch of his famous made-from-scratch meatballs. Plus, chef Richie Lutes and pasta specialist Samantha show Marshall how the restaurant’s garlic-parsley linguine is made.

The restaurant recently returned to making its pasta in-house from scratch after getting new equipment to replace the original pasta maker from Italy. (Though it retains its place of honor in the kitchen.) Lucchese, who opened the restaurant 30 years ago, said that he’s held true to his tradition of making everything from scratch because when he’s tried buying them, “they don’t taste right.”

This segment originally aired Oct. 20, 2014, on WNIT Public Television, as part of “Experience Michiana,” hosted by Gordy Young.

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