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Elkhart Dining Days 2014: Iechyd Da and the $30 for 2 meals

Upon first moving to Elkhart, I could hardly let locals know I was new in town before they’d blurt out “You HAVE to go to Iechyd Da!”

There’s a good reason for that. 

Iechyd Da is no secret (as those of us who’ve waited 20 minutes just to get a seat there would know) but even if you’ve been before, it’s worth checking out for Elkhart Dining Days. You’ve got until Oct. 25 to make your way there. 

The boyfriend and I got the $30 meal for two, but we got enough food to get three meals out of it. (Note: other couples who are capable of not stuffing themselves silly could reasonably get four meals from it, but that’s beside the point.)

The meal for two includes:

  • Your choice of either two pints of beer or one beer flight, which offers up to seven samples. I forgot to ask how big the sample sizes are, but I’d guess they’re in the 4 oz. range.
  • A choice of two out of three specials: Curry of the Shire, Baja Pizza and the Chicago Beef Sandwich
  • A dessert — Black Forest Cheesecake Bar or the Sticky Toffee Pudding.

Boyfriend, who lives in Mishawaka and doesn’t have the pleasure of working six blocks from Iechyd Da, got the beer flight. I got the ginger lime soda which I could drink by the gallon if left to my own devices.

I really wanted to try the curry but then I saw the word “chorizo” under the ingredients for the pizza and there was no other choice. 

What I’m about to say next might turn some people off, but I swear I mean this as a compliment: The pizza, with roasted red pepper, chorizo, tomatoes, black beans and corn salsa, chipotle cream sauce and something called adobo sauce, somehow tasted like the best microwave burrito I’ve ever had. The boyfriend said it reminded him of the “ultimate combination” flavor Pizza Rolls.

Like I said, some people might think that’s an insult, but those are probably the same people who think flying in business class is for “peasants.” 

The Chicago Beef Sandwich was — oops! just drooled on my keyboard thinking about it — delicious.

First of all, I hate when I have to play tug-o-war with the bread to get a bite out of my sandwich. That’s not the case here. The french bread Iechyd Da uses is like Carl from Pixar’s Up: crusty on the outside, warm on the inside. The beef and giardinara complemented each other well. When asked for a detailed description of what he liked or didn’t like about the meal, Boyfriend could only spare me a muffled “really good” between bites. 

We were comfortably full and almost ready to leave when our server reminded us that we still got to pick dessert. I asked for them to put the sticky toffee pudding in a to-go box because we were “way too full” to “possibly eat another bite.”

Then I opened the lid of the box to take a photo.

“Just one bite,” I told Boyfriend. “I’m MUCH too full to finish the whole thing but I want to taste it while it’s warm.” 


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