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Elkhart Dining Days 2014: Pete's Simonton Lake Tavern frog legs special runs all week

For years I was promised that deep-fried frog legs taste just like chicken. For years I couldn’t escape the images of slimy, green frogs hopping through muddy streams back home in Illinois. 

But when Pete’s Simonton Lake Tavern offered a frog legs basket as part of its Elkhart Dining Days 2014 menu, I jumped at the opportunity to put those promises to the test. The basket is normally available only on Mondays, but the restaurant stocked up for its special during restaurant week. 

Pete’s stacked a sizable portion of frog legs onto the $10 entree special, which came with a side of buffalo chips (or sweet potato fries, if you prefer) and a slice of garlic bread. 

I could see why friends have compared frog legs to chicken. They looked near identical to chicken wings at first glance. Still, as the dish arrived at my table, I felt a certain amount of regret that I hadn’t ordered the bluegill basket. I remained nervous about eating frog legs for the first time. 

The verdict? No, they do not taste like chicken, but that doesn’t mean I was disappointed. The frog legs tasted like freshwater fish and were packed with meat. Combining that flavor with the mild spice of buffalo chips made for a great Friday lunch. I’d order frog legs again.  

Pete’s is already a destination for regulars craving fish in a relaxed setting, but even casual diners will appreciate the specials offered during Elkhart Dining Days 2014, which runs through Saturday, Oct. 25. 

The bluegill and perch baskets—which come with a main dish and a side of buffalo chips or sweet potato fries—are $2 cheaper during restaurant week. The dishes include sides of tartar, ranch and garlic bread. 

Dinner crowds will be interested in other specials too, including a $20 ribeye dinner with two sides or a $30 6-ounce filet dinner with two sides. A $10 appetizer platter with onion rings, deep fried green beans and mozzarella sticks would be a good starter. 

Wine and cocktails specials also are available but I, unfortunately, didn’t partake during my lunch hour. The full menu is available on the Elkhart Dining Days 2014 page.

And if you go, make sure you enjoy the frog legs. 

Pete’s Simonton Lake Tavern51426 State Route 19

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