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Evil Czech Brewery brews pilsner as its first-ever canned beer

When U.S. General George Patton drove the Nazis out of the Czech city of Pilsen – where the first batch of pilsner was brewed – he probably never thought about being memorialized on a beer can. But that’s who the folks at Evil Czech went with for the art gracing their first batch of canned beer.

Evil Czech Brewery began canning the GG Patton Pilsner Tuesday, Sept. 30. It’s encased in white and green cans with the Evil Czech logo – a bearded man wearing a horned helmet — and a picture of the brew’s namesake.

“GG Patton is straw colored with crystal clear clarity,” said head brewer Scott Ciampa (speaking of the beer, not the man). “Saaz hops, from the Czech Republic, are the main hop in the beer which provides balance to the pleasant and subtle maltiness of the beer. It drinks very crisp and refreshing with a clean, slightly sweet finish.”

And cans don’t compromise the taste as much as bottles would, Ciampa said. It keeps light and oxygen out, two things which Ciampa calls the “biggest enemies” of beer.

He adds that it’s more convenient to carry cans in a backpack than a six-pack of bottled beer. And, of course, no digging around in kitchen drawers for a bottle opener.

“We wanted to give our customers a chance to take home something other than a growler or a keg from the brewery,” Ciampa said.

It’s $9.99 for a four-pack of 16 oz. GG Patton cans. Right now, you can only get it at the Evil Czech Brewery in Mishawaka, but there are plans to bring it to other stores.

But you won’t find canning equipment anywhere in the brewery. It travels around in the back of a box truck owned by Michigan Mobile Canning, a company which brings the machinery to any brewery that may not have the space or money to get its own.

The next time the truck is going to roll around to the Mishawaka brewery is in December, Ciampa said. And with its next visit, the head brewer plans to have more of Evil Czech’s beers in cans by 2015: The Lucky Dog, an American Pale Ale; White Reaper, a Belgian White IPA; and Voodoo, a Vanilla Rye Porter.

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