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Area McDonald's again serving the McRib

Michiana McDonald’s McRib fans, take heart. You’ll get your annual fix again this year.

In an attempt to simplify its menu, the corporation has decided this year not to roll out the barbecue pork sandwich nationally, instead allowing franchisees to choose whether to serve it, CNBC reported today.

Apparently, the sandwich is popular enough to continue serving locally.

Elkhart County’s 12 stores plan to continue the fall tradition, said Mya Smith, next-generation owner-operator at My-Tre Glamma, the Elkhart area franchisee.

Elkhart County stores will start receiving the McRib on Monday. They won’t necessarily all begin serving the sandwich on that day, but they must all be serving it by Oct. 28, Smith said. Sales are expected to end by Dec. 1.

Dave Sparks, owner of the 19 McDonald’s stores in St. Joseph County and Berrien County, Mich., said he also will again serve McRibs.

There was never a doubt, he said.

“Our customers love the McRib,” Sparks said. “It’s almost like a cult following. They look forward to it.”

Sparks said his restaurants will begin serving McRibs for sure by Oct. 27, but probably earlier, possibly as soon as Monday, Oct. 20.

Although the McRib has been derided by some for the way it’s made, the annual limited-time offering has such a devoted fan base that a McRib locator website exists to track stores selling it.

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