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The sauce is different, but Beef 'O' Brady's in Granger is still a good place for fresh wings

Beef ’O’ Brady’s is an Irish pub themed chain restaurant. It started out in Florida and started expanding up north in the mid 2000s. It’s really just one of those sports bar/family restaurants where you can watch games on the many TVs lining the walls while drinking draft beer and eating bar food.

A Beef ’O’ Brady’s opened up here in Elkhart back in 2006. At the time, wing consumption in this town was pretty much limited to either B-Dubs, which had raised prices and started serving very small wings, or Wings Etc, which I didn’t care much for the service or food preparation in the Elkhart location.

I fell in love with the wings at Beef ’O’ Brady’s. They even had happy hours from 4 to 7 p.m., when wings were just 35 cents. On Mondays they also had dollar beers, so I could go in there and get four beers and 12 wings for well under $10.

Being single at the time, I went there for dinner about three or four times a week and made it my home away from home. I became good friends with the bartenders and the managers. I was even “in training” to do their 20 nuclear wing challenge by ordering spicier wings with every visit. I would have won a T-shirt if I had ever had successfully completed the challenge.

I did all this for about a year, but my time spent at “Beefs” dropped drastically when I started dating the woman who would become my wife and I found better ways to spend my evenings.

Beef O Brady’s later opened up another location in Granger and eventually the one in Elkhart became Sports Time Family Pub and Grill. I don’t go to the Granger location that much, as it is further away from my house and not located by anything significant, but I decided to stop in there for lunch last week.

They serve your typical bite-and-burn wings. Fried with no breading, they are served with a spicy buffalo sauce. Just like I used to eat “back in the day,” the wings are still cooked to order and served piping hot.

This place really spoiled me by serving them fresh. I have a hard time eating wings that are pre-cooked and served to order like they may do at other establishments.

Beefs does create its own sauce, so you get a unique buffalo flavor for your wings, but I do have an issue with the sauce these days. My preference is the “extra hot,” but one day I went to a Beefs and the sauce tasted drastically different. I found out when I went to a one in South Carolina that they used to have an actual “extra hot” sauce, but they discontinued it. When you order “extra hot” you just get a combination of “hot” and “nuclear” mixed together. It’s really not the same thing, as it just tastes like a watered down “nuclear.” I think when it comes to the wings, people find that the “hot” does not have enough heat and the new “extra hot” has too much.

The days of the 35 cent wings are gone. These wings will now yield a CPW of 94 cents. It’s on the high end, but you do get a good sized wing and it is cooked fresh. I’m not sure when or if they have wing specials — they weren’t advertised anywhere in the restaurant.

Beefs is still a fun place to go to. There are plenty of TVs to watch the game and the staff and managers are still friendly. You may have some adjustment on which sauce they have is for you, but the wings are still good enough that it’s worth a visit every now and then.

Unrelated note:

I came across this picture of a buffalo wing dessert. Would you eat this? I think my eyes and taste buds would be confused.

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