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Rise 'N Roll Bakery & Deli spreads reach across Northern Indiana

Visitors might not notice, but Rise ’N Roll Bakery & Deli has done a lot of growing in the past six months. 

The bakery completed a 12,000-square-foot expansion in mid-September, but marketing director Justin Stoltzfus said the shop that most customers get to see grew by less than three feet.

Instead of freeing up floor space in the business’s flagship store in Middlebury, the extra room will be used for expanded doughnut and nut crunch production.

“The driving force behind the expansion was we’re opening a franchise in Fort Wayne,” Stoltzfus said. “It was too tight to meet demand for additional stores, so by opening the addition it allows us to service them better. That’s the main point behind it.”

The Fort Wayne franchise, which is scheduled to open in mid-November, will have its own deli counter and serve breakfast and lunch but will not make its own baked goods or Rise ’N Roll specialties.

“We will be producing all the baked goods here, and then we will use a truck to transport them to Fort Wayne each morning,” Stoltzfus said, noting that any other potential franchises would follow the same production model and would therefore have to be within a 75-mile radius of the Middlebury bakery. 

The Fort Wayne franchise is owned by Bill and Gayle Reiman, and will be located in a smaller storefront at 5129 Illinois Road, which was previously occupied by Big Apple Bagels.

Rise ’N Roll announced plans for a Mishawaka franchise this spring, but the deal fell through soon afterward and Stoltzfus said there are no other franchises in the works.

“We’d like to [open more], but we really care about the people we bring on board, so we’re looking for the right people. We can’t let just anyone do it,” Stoltzfus said.

Here’s a peek at how that famous nut crunch is made, from Rise ’N Roll’s YouTube channel.

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