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Scotty's Brewhouse serves up large breaded wings with the most suggestive name for a sauce to date

For my first blog about wings in the St Joe County part of the 574, I chose Scotty’s Brewhouse. Scotty’s is located in the old Max & Erma’s building on Main Street in the Grape Road commercial district of Mishawaka.

Max & Erma’s was kind of a generic casual dining restaurant. In an area where there is a plethora of eateries to choose from, it is hard to survive when you don’t offer anything unique. I was there a few times and the only thing to really note was that you could order fresh baked cookies for dessert.

Scotty’s has a whole lot more of excitement to it. It was founded down at Ball State and expanded to other college towns. I guess this one is the Notre Dame branch.

When you walk into Scotty’s you notice three things right off the bat: wood, brick and TVs. It looks like an old-school neighborhood bar. Of course everything is nice, new and shiny, as this has only been open for a couple years and the building itself is less than ten years old.

It mainly serves bar food, which is items like wings, burgers and sandwiches. Scotty’s has its own beer, but — not to be confused with brewpubs like Evil Czech and Iechyd Da, which brew the beer in the same building where you eat — Scotty’s brings in its beer from a central location.

I ordered wings with the mo’fo’ hot sauce and some with barbecue sauce. I usually don’t order barbecue wings, as they are sweet and get your fingers sticky. I prefer savory and hot wings, but I was in the mood that day.

The wings are very large and come breaded on paper in a cookie sheet tray. Did Max and Erma’s leave these trays behind? Could it be true that the same sheet used to bake fresh cookies now comes served to me with chicken wings on it?

The “housemade” mo’fo’ hot sauce was excellent. It was light tasting and it had a little sweetness and a smoky flavor. It goes great with the breading on the wing as it gives it a bit more of a “fried chicken” flavor.

It takes a while for the burn to hit you and it is not overly hot. I give it a 2 out of 4 on the heat scale. The wings were also huge. There is a lot of chicken to eat off these bones.

The price is on the high side. I got the wing special that has them for 75 cents a wing on Wednesdays. Normal prices give a CPW of 110 cents. I wouldn’t worry too much about the prices though — these were some good quality wings. If I had some sort of seal of approval, I’d give it to Scotty’s.

So, if you want to watch some football in the Grape Road commercial district and get some good wings, Scotty’s sounds like a great idea to me, but you will have to remember your wallet.

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