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Snappers Sports Bar hopes to jump into Elkhart bar scene

If you haven’t heard of Snappers Sports Bar, you’re not alone. The newly-opened Elkhart sports bar is tucked between warehouses, private homes and open lots on Borneman Avenue, isolated from the city’s main thoroughfares. 

Snappers replaces PC’s Bar and Grill, which Snappers manager Tony Osmon said was similarly unknown outside the neighborhood.

“All my buddies ask, ‘Where are you working at now?’ I say, ‘What used to be P.C.’s,’ and they say, ‘Where’s that?’” Osmon said. “I was surprised how many people did not know about this place, and still don’t.”

Osmon said the previous owner, Patrick Curtin, had a loyal crew of customers, many of them in their 50s to 70s, but since Eddie Detweiler, the new owner, bought the property and opened Snappers, the bar has begun attracting a younger crowd.

“A lot of the regulars from PC’s stayed, but we’re getting the 21-to-30 year olds, too,” Osmon said. “We definitely want to be the ’cool bar.’”

Osmon said the bar has seen steady lunch business and good crowds on Friday and Saturday nights since it re-opened three weeks ago, and he hopes that a strong menu of pizza and burgers will bring in football fans on Sundays. 

“Pizza is definitely one thing we did change,” Osmon said. “Eddie [Detweiler] owned four five of the Papa Murphy’s pizzas, so he’s done pizza forever.”

It’s not just the menu and the clientele that have changed in the past few weeks. In the five months since Detweiler bought the property from Curtin, the building has been completely renovated. The owner remodeled the bathrooms and put in a new kitchen, and shiny wood paneling covers most surfaces in the bar area. College and NFL logos decorate the walls, and a stuffed snapping turtle — the bar’s apparent namesake — watches over the jukebox. 

And there are still more additions in the works.

“We are going to put an outside patio off the back door next year,” Osman said. “We’re going to add a deck and put nice furniture out there to hang out when the weather’s nice.”

Snappers Sports Bar is located at 1915 Borneman Ave. in Elkhart. Doors open at 10 a.m. Monday through Friday and 11 a.m. Saturday and Sunday, and stay open until whenever the crowds clear out.

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