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Evil Czech introduces the 'Lightning Lunch' small-plate buffet

Evil Czech Brewery in Mishawaka is following up its Sunday Hangover Brunches with a weekday equivalent: “Lightnin’ Lunch,” a small-plate lunch buffet that features the brewery’s entire regular menu in bite-size form.

That includes 4-inch gourmet burgers, slices of scotch eggs and single smoke-fried wings, each on its own plate for diners to pick and choose.

Manager Jason Snyder said the small plate buffet is good for people who work during the week and only have an hour or so to eat. 

“We thought you could set things up where people could get great food and eat in fifteen to twenty minutes,” Snyder said.

Evil Czech has been running Lightnin’ Lunches for about three weeks, and it looks to be a permanent fixture at the pub.

The buffet can’t fit Evil Czech’s entire regular menu at once, so chefs rotate dishes. Snyder said every item from the menu is available in bite-size form at least once a day.

“Right now you might have one-eighth to one-fourth of our menu up there,” he said. “With Lightnin’ Lunch you can get a big plate of all these samples.”

The all-you-can-eat buffet is $11.95 per person. It’s available 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. every weekday at 3703 Main Street in Mishawaka.

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