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New dessert creations from Cold Stone Creamery, Dunkin Donuts

The search for new ways to spin age-old flavors in the dessert world never ends. There are plenty of new items in the line-up of treats for the adventurous eater.

Cold Stone Creamery makes peanut butter and jelly ice cream: In honor of the new school year, Cold Stone Creamery whipped up peanut butter and jelly ice cream with peanut butter, grape jelly and graham cracker pie crust, The Business Journals reported. Customers can eat the ice cream by itself, or sandwiched between two giant Nutter Butter cookie wafers. Try a scoop until September 30 at Mishawaka’s 620 West Edison Road location.

Dunkin Donuts unveils coffee-flavored donuts: Get a coffee fix without the drink combo. Dunkin Donuts now sells coffee-flavored doughnuts with coffee buttercream filling, reports The Consumerist. The Coffee, Crème and Sugar is coated in powdered sugar, while the Coffee Crème is topped with coffee-flavored frosting. Both will be available for a limited time. Dunkin Donuts is at 335 C.R. 6, Elkhart; 906 W. Pike St., Goshen; 52931 S.R. 933, South Bend; and 4336 S. Michigan St., South Bend.

Oreo cookies taste like root beer floats: Oreo’s latest venture takes after the fizzy ice cream soda. The limited edition root beer float flavor is made with blonde cookies with vanilla and root beer cream, said The Daily Meal. The flavor is just one in a series of the brand’s strange experiments — such as limeade and watermelon for summer — but this one is rumored to be a winner.

A chocolate tequila sauce gives sundaes a buzz: This snazzy sauce might be a bit harder to get your hands on, but it’s worthy to note that Dude, Sweet Chocolate combined cocoa powder and 100 anos tequila into one magical syrup, reported Food Beast. One Night Stand Potion is sold out of Texas and perfect for sundaes, martinis and fruits — or why not, even plain. If you’re willing to pay shipping on top of the $8 to $30 price tag, it’s chocolate on a whole new level.

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