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Tips for grilling technique, and how to smoke meat without a smoker

This week on Make it Easy with Randy Z, we learn about direct and indirect heat, how to smoke meat on a standard grill (without a smoker), what types of fuel to use and other grilling techniques.

Here are a few of Randy Z’s tips from the video about proper cooking temperatures for different types of meat.

  • Overall, if your meat is drying out on the grill, that means you are cooking it too fast. Reduce the heat.
  • Fish and poultry: medium heat
  • Ribs and pork butts: low heat (225 degrees over indirect heat, for four to six hours)
  • Burgers: medium-high heat

In case you missed it, last week’s episode featured tips for how to grill with rubs and marinades. Next week, Randy Z will share tips on grilling technique, including where to place different types of items and how much heat they need.

If you have questions for Randy or requests for what you want to see on future episodes, let us know in the comments.

Video by Josh Long. Randy Z is the executive chef for Edward Christian Barbecue catering in Bremen, Ind.

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