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Some 'craft' whiskeys come from an Indiana factory instead of micro-distilleries

All those craft whiskeys sitting behind the bar at your favorite watering hole probably don’t come from micro-distilleries like the bottles claim — more often than not, they come from a factory in southern Indiana.

The Daily Beast reports that MGP Ingredients, a factory distillery in Lawrenceburg, Ind., (southeast of Indianapolis, near Cincinnati) is the source of beverage-grade alcohol for some small distilleries who want to bottle their own brand but don’t distill the product themselves.

The exception is local distillers like Indiana Whiskey Company in South Bend and Journeyman Distillery in Three Oaks, Mich. Hint: if they’re offering distillery tours and posting Facebook photos geeking out over a new still, it’s safe to say they’re legit.

“Food ingredient producer” MGP Ingredients sells bulk vodka, gin and whiskey produced at the factory to small distilleries across the country, Daily Beast reports.

One way to tell that a whiskey doesn’t actually come from that micro-distiller? If it’s been aged longer than the distiller has been in business.

Try not to judge too harshly, though. Some small businesses buy older whiskey from MGP to build up their brand, according to the Daily Beast. That helps them fund their own production and builds name recognition.

The Daily Beast has more on specific brands that use MGP whiskey.

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