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The Wiener Shack's food truck will be on the road by last week of July

Goshen’s beloved hot dog stand The Wiener Shack will bring its food on the road in the coming weeks.

Owner Douglas Murray said he expects the food truck to have its first full week of business by the end of the month.

The truck made its debut at EnviroFest in Elkhart on Friday, July 11, and Murray said there was a line of customers throughout the day.

“It was a learning experience,” Murray reflected on the food truck’s debut. “I feel like we’re back in elementary school.”

That’s because you need to know how to move around quickly inside the truck’s tiny kitchen, and where each ingredient needs to go. The menu decides the dance they have to do to prepare each meal whenever they’re on the road.

“Being on the truck, you have to go back to thinking about every little thing,” Murray said.

Murray and his wife, Jacqueline Murray, have invested a months of time and plenty of brain power in the food truck so far.

Murray said they waited five and a half weeks for the Elkhart County Health Department to complete its inspection of the food truck. Is the water system set up right? How are the fridge temperatures? The county agency gave the OK Wednesday, July 9, and they were at the EnviroFest two days later.

But the truck has been on their mind for months, as they thought of what they can whip up with the truck’s char broilers and fryers. Murray said the menu will be a little different from what The Wiener Shack serves out of its cart in Goshen — fewer hot dogs, more hamburgers and chili cheese fries.

Once they have the menu figured out, Murray said they’d like to serve employees at local businesses around the county first.

In the meantime, you can still visit the hot dog cart at the intersection of Lincoln and Main streets in Goshen.

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