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Downtown Goshen restaurant Los Primos undergoes façade renovation

The southwest corner of Clinton and Fifth Streets in downtown Goshen has a new face. But the restaurant inside remains the same.

Los Primos restaurant, a locally-owned Latin American restaurant, is renovating its façade. Construction started in the beginning of June and is expected to be completed in the second week of July, owner Martin Lopez Sr. said.

The white vinyl siding of the building was removed. The building was also painted and its signs were replaced. Lopez said the outdoor stairs leading to the second floor still need to be painted. Cracked concrete next to the building on Fifth Street still needs to be replaced.

Lopez said he thought of making cosmetic improvements to the building to make it more appealing to customers, to make a more attractive corner in the downtown area and as regular maintenance to the building.

“We see it as a contribution to the community, because the corner here was starting to look old and ugly,” he said.

Lopez, 62, acquired the building at 122 E. Clinton Ave. about nine years ago, he said. But his business in Goshen had started before that, in a food truck. Lopez and his family moved to Goshen in 1996 form Georgia.

The inside of the restaurant will not be remodeled, Lopez said. And though he’s also been asked numerous times whether he will open another restaurant location, Lopez said he doesn’t have any immediate plans to do so.

“I’ve been in the food business for 46 years now and I’m getting tired,” he said. “All my wife and I want to do is keep this restaurant and the food truck, and keep doing business as usual until we retire.”

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