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Philly cheesesteak nachos, burgers and more on Michiana News Channel

Every Monday, about 8:40 a.m., I join Mark McGill on Michiana News Channel, 95.3 FM.

We mostly talk about food.

But the conversations always venture other places too.

This morning, we covered burgers, meat prices and how I don’t invite him along to things.

This week’s Dining A La King and Quick Bites explore meat prices, vegetable subscriptions and other topics.

As far as I know, my Monday morning radio conversations don’t result in people screaming and driving into the ditch.

They may yell at their radios. They may even scream. But there’s no sign of the latter.

He said if I come to Four Winds Field, where he’s an announcer for South Bend Silver Hawks games, he’ll buy me some Philly cheesesteak nachos. I am curious about the state of the food at the stadium.

I don’t tend to combine foods. I don’t think you should eat bacon cheeseburger pizza. But for some reason, I do like the Pop-Tarts cheesecake at Miles Lab in Elkhart. Christy Miles makes a cheesecake that mimics Pop-Tarts. When I ordered it this weekend, I told the waiter I wanted “the god-forsaken Pop-Tart cheesecake.” He relayed that to Miles, who said she may rename it.

So maybe I’ll have that order of nachos with McGill. I don’t think we’ll re-enact “Lady and the Tramp” scene as he suggested this morning.


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