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Rein Juicery bottles pure goodness in South Bend

Scott, Todd and Nick Anglemeyer all bustle back and forth between hastily cutting organic carrots, refilling jars of hemp heart and filling bags with produce to be carted off for juicing.

Scott is bending over waist deep into a freezer, dishing out organic mango and avocado ice cubes while chatting with his brother over his shoulder. Their other brother, Nick, is mixing a concoction of fresh and frozen fruits in a blender, topping them off with a little cayenne pepper and cinnamon. All three can’t seem to stop moving.

Since the grand opening of Rein Juicery on Wednesday, the tiny shop (converted from a house) has sold out of juice every day. The demand is taking them by storm and requiring all hands on deck.

The three Anglemeyer brothers are young, chatty and personable. They decided to open a juice bar about six months ago and have found the perfect process — cold-press juicing and on-the-spot smoothies.

The cold-press process retains about 30 or 40 percent more nutrients than a centrifugal one, Scott said.

Scott has been juicing for five years, while his brothers only started about eight months ago. Scott follows a paleo diet (no processed sugars or gluten) and tries to maintain an active lifestyle. The new juice bar is bringing in plenty of people who try to do the same.

“There is nothing [like it] in the area,” Scott said. “I think that the community desires it. I think where we are located also allows us to access multiple communities.”

The benefits of juicing are unparalleled for Scott.

“It enhances your mental, physical and personal capabilities,” he said. “It lets your digestive system have a rest while still having nutrients.”

After becoming an avid juicer, Scott noticed his allergies clearing up almost immediately. He felt lighter and more energized through his yoga and hiking workouts.

Rein Juicery offers 11 varieties of juice in bottles and six smoothies. The juices have a shelf life of about three days due to the cold-press process, so customers can come in and take a few bottles home.

The smoothies offer a funky take on juicing. Ingredients can include anything from nutmeg, cinnamon and maple syrup to local greens and organic fruits.

The brothers attempt to use as much local produce as possible, and most of the greens come from Pine Ridge Farms. Rein Juicery carries an all-greens juice, the Gangster Green, for the serious juicers and plenty of fruity or dessert-like juices as well.

Scott favors the Gangster Green and another blend that is carrot, apple and ginger (it tastes like a spicy carrot cake).

In Scott’s eyes, it is a win for both the business and the customer. “You are spending $9 to $10 anyhow [juicing at home],” he said. “Why not save yourself the time and clean-up and come grab one.”

For the Anglemeyer brothers, it’s an “opportunity to put down a bottle of something that is so fulfilled.”

Rein Juicery is located at 2036 S. South Bend Ave., and during the summer will be open 7 days a week. See full hours at the website.

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