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Ignition Music Garage to open craft beer garden this summer

Goshen’s independent record store is opening a beer garden for its summer concert series.

Ignition Music Garage owner Steve Martin asked staff and store regulars what they wanted for this summer. Their response was beer and wine.

Martin is in the process of transforming the 30-foot square area behind the garage into a beer garden, complete with chairs, tables and room for tastings. It will be open only for concerts and occasional First Fridays events. 

An inside area will also be set up for alcohol service, and both areas will be open to people age 21 and over. The goal is to provide a space to foster conversation without interrupting shows.

Ignition will serve a craft bottle list and wines sold by the glass. Martin wishes to feature one local craft beer a night to accompany each show. He will also serve two red wines and two white wines.

The garden will open for a trial run on the weekend of July 4. Ignition hopes to be working with local wine vendor Per La Mer, and Elkhart brewery New Paradigm Brewing Co. for the opening weekend.

Beer and wine tastings will be on Thursday, July 3, for Kevin Gordon and Shiny Shiny Black’s performances and Friday, July 4, for Goshen First Fridays.

“I hope to connect with local wineries and breweries in the area,” Martin said. “It’s important to be an all-ages (venue) … so putting the beer and wine just outside makes sure the room never feels like a night club or a bar.”

Ignition Music Garage
Location: 120 East Washington St., Goshen
Phone: 574-971-8282
Hours: 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday through Saturday

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