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The new glory of the s'mores

It’s hard to resist the simplicity of the old campfire favorite: a toasted marshmallow and slab of chocolate sandwiched between two graham crackers for a gooey, finger-licking mess.

The origins of the snack are unknown, but s’mores have been a summer staple at outdoor gatherings since before 1927, when the Girl Scouts first published the recipe in its book “Tramping and Trailing with the Girl Scouts,” reported Brendan Leonard on Adventure Journal.

Yet as delicious as the classic recipe is, aren’t you a little tired of just plain chocolate? With a name like s’mores, a shortened version of “some more,” there’s no doubt you’ll be reaching for the graham cracker box three times over.

That’s why it’s time to give the Girl Scouts a run for their cookies. Lucky for roasters everywhere, there are hoards of s’more recipes that take the beloved finger sandwich to a whole new level.

If you’re partial to the original s’mores form, try new ingredients between the crackers. Cooking Classy recommends a list to pair with marshmallow and chocolate: add peanut butter, raspberry jam, Ghirardelli caramel squares, sea salt, bananas or Andes mints. Substitute the chocolate with lemon curd, strawberries and cream cheese, or fresh apple slices and cinnamon. Simply Delicious adds two tablespoons of Nutella and uses a flat tea cookie instead of graham crackers.

Try a s’more on the savory side with wheat crackers, mozzarella, tomato and basil or prosciutto and goat cheese from The Kitchn.

If you want to skip the campfire and nix the sandwich model altogether, eat s’mores indoors.

There are all variety of s’mores-like creations with the famous chocolate-graham cracker-marshmallow trio of ingredients. You can have them deep-fried (in homemade donut holes from dessert blog SugarHero!), in brownie form (Eat.Drink.Love offers the recipe with a graham cracker crust and a broiled marshmallows topping), as French toast (there’s a stuffed crust version from BS in the Kitchen) or even baked in pie (the Tasty Kitchen illustrates how to do a chocolate chip cookie crust filled with marshmallow fluff).

For a cool treat, try s’mores popsicles from The Crafted Sparrow, made with milk, chocolate chips, mini marshmallows and almond chocolate spread, or a s’mores milkshake from The Hungry Housewife with a vanilla ice cream base.

So while you could wait for a beach cookout, there’s no excuse not to have s’mores any day of the week. How will you eat your s’mores this summer?

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