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The Wiener Shack will take its gourmet hot dogs on the road

The Wiener Shack has a new set of wheels, and it’s looking to bring more than just gourmet hot dogs to cities and towns around Elkhart County.

“We’ll be able to do things that we can’t do with a cart,” said Douglas Murray, owner of the Wiener Shack. “We have more room. We have char broilers and fryers, so we can cook anything.”

Murray can now make The Wiener Shack’s signature hot dogs in the back of the truck, which includes Asian and southern barbecue flavors. He previously had to prepare meals ahead of time to be sold at his food cart at the intersection of Lincoln and Main streets in Goshen.

“Now it’ll be more like an actual restaurant,” Murray said.

A restaurant on wheels.

The food truck is now parked in Murray’s driveway, waiting for approval from the Elkhart County Health Department. He expects to hear an answer in two to three weeks, but Murray already has ideas for where he wants to take his food.

“Right now, there’s a dozen different places to go to,” Murray said. “[We] like to make a certain route, maybe one a couple weeks. So we have that option.”

Murray wants his customers to be familiar with the food truck, so he plans to serve his gourmet hot dogs at a fixed location for a certain time. The food truck could then make its way to different cities or towns on different days of the week, like Elkhart.

But fans of the food cart in Goshen need not worry, as The Wiener Shack will continue to sell Banh Mi and gourmet at its original location. Fans in other cities will have to wait a few more weeks before The Wiener Shack’s new food truck rolls down their street.

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