Annual luncheon celebrates spring with salads


By: Marshall V. King

Jennifer Shephard

Just because it’s a salad luncheon doesn’t mean there’s a lot of lettuce.

The families of St. Thomas the Apostle Catholic Church, 1331 N. Main St., Elkhart, filled tables with a variety of salads and hundreds of people paid $7 to get a taste. This year’s event was the 44th annual.

The featured salad is a hot chicken salad made with chicken and mayonnaise, baked and topped with potato chips. It’s more of a casserole, but is called a salad. So the church prepared 27 large pans for this year’s luncheon, according to chairwoman Claire Hartman.

A few of the salads had lettuce. One yummy one was made with bok choy, sesame seeds and a sweet vinaigrette. The best salad I tasted had mint, peas and orzo (rice-shaped pasta) with a light dressing.

Jell-O figured into a number of salads. One of the tables had at least five lime Jell-O salads among the several dozen available.

Because the primary election is Tuesday, May 6, in Elkhart County, several candidates were there talking to those who came.

Hartman said last year’s event served 554 people. She said this year’s may have been a bit smaller, but she won’t know until final numbers are counted.

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