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5 reasons your slow cooker is better than everything else in your kitchen

There’s really just one thing that will win you over to slow cooking. It’s the delicious smell of a dinner that’s done the second you get home. A meal that everyone in your family loves, with little effort on your part.

Not sold on the idea of jumbling a bunch of raw ingredients in a pot and walking away for eight hours? Here’s five reasons you should reconsider: 

1) Slow cookers are super versatile. Slow cookers, often referred to by the brand name Crock Pot, can be used to make a variety of food. Sure, there’s pot roast, soups and stews. But you can also use slow cookers to make bread, dips, desserts, and breakfast foods.

2) Slow cookers give familiar foods a different taste. If you’re sick of pulling yet another skinless chicken breast from the freezer, consider popping it in a slow cooker. Chicken and other meats cooked slowly get really tender and meld well with sauce or other ingredients. 

3) Slow cookers will help you impress dinner guests. Even the experienced home cook feels a little pressure when company’s coming. Don’t try a new slow cooker recipe when you have guests, though. Develop a few slow cooker favorites and you’ll be ready when the time comes.

4) Slow cookers are good for people who “can’t cook.” If you’ve ever felt like you struggle with cooking, slow cookers can help you build confidence. For most recipes, you just put ingredients into the pot. The meal comes together almost on its own, as it cooks.

5) Slow cookers save time. When you use a slow cooker, you aren’t getting out multiple pots and pans that have to be cleaned later. Everything goes in one pot. That’s all there is to it. 

If you thought all a slow cooker is good for is soups and stews, think again. Try this recipe for Rosemary Olive Oil Bread. Plus, check out our Pinterest board for more unexpected slow cooker recipes

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