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Rise 'N Roll bakery expands its reach

Fans of Rise ‘N Roll‘s deliciously addictive cinnamon caramel donuts and nut brittle crunch will soon find it easier than ever to get their fix. The Middlebury-based bakery recently awarded franchise rights to Bill Pelletier of South Bend to open a new location in Mishawaka. Pelletier said he hopes to open by July.

Jeff Parrott of The Elkhart Truth got the story yesterday: 

Rise ‘N Roll operations manager Orvin Bontrager, who founded the company in 2001 and sold one franchise in Nappanee, has somewhat reluctantly embraced this growth.

“That was not our idea, necessarily, but it was just because there were so many requests coming in for franchise opportunities,” he said. “We were saying no, no, no, no, but then finally sat down and said, ‘maybe this is the route we should be taking.'”

Bontrager envisions three franchises in Fort Wayne, one in Warsaw and one in South Bend that would also be operated by Pelletier and his partner, if they do well with the Mishawaka store.

The franchisees will make the same deli sandwiches and deep dish supreme pizzas that the Middlebury store sells at lunch, but all baked goods will be made daily in Middlebury and delivered to the stores.

Rise ‘N Roll will be adding 12,000 square feet of space to its flagship bakery in Middlebury to help handle the extra production from the new location. Future franchises will all be kept within a 75 mile radius, to allow them each to receive fresh-baked goods every morning, with the same quality loyal customers have come to expect from the brand. Meanwhile, retailers that sell Rise ‘N Roll products will eventually be cut off, to avoid taking business away from the franchises as more of them open across the region.

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How do those of you in the Mishawaka, South Bend and Granger normally get your Rise ‘N Roll fix—do you make the drive to Middlebury for the full experience, or pick up your donuts and “Amish Crack” at a retailer? How will a location closer to home change that? Let us know in the comments.

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