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Simple Vegetable Wash

As dedicated as you may be to buying your produce as organic and local as it gets, it can sometimes be hard to find everything you need—especially during the colder months. Shopping in the organic section can also get pretty expensive when you’re feeding a family. Still, nobody wants to eat fruits and vegetables covered in pesticides and chemicals, and even the most conscientious local farmer is bound to have some dirt left on her turnips every now and then. Use this quick and easy technique to wash your produce as soon as it comes home from the store or market, and save yourself some time when you’re ready to cook.

The secret formula? One part vinegar to three parts water. Dump all of your veggies and fruits into the sink (gently) and fill it with enough water to cover. Then add about a cup of vinegar and let it soak for a couple minutes. Rinse them with cool water and let them air dry before storing them away. 

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